Taylor Kinney Drops $400K on This Backwoods Panty-Dropping Palace

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You can take the boy out of Pennsylvania, but you can’t take the Pennsylvania out of the boy.

Taylor Kinney may be used to jet-setting from Chicago to L.A. and NYC to film his hit show or just hang out with his longtime love Lady Gaga, but he’s ready to put some more permanent roots down.

The Chicago Fire hottie splashed out $400,000 on log cabin crib in the back woods of his hometown in Lancaster, Penn. just a few months ago, Celebuzz has learned — and we can take you inside.

But you’ll never guess what decor is on the walls.

Other than the creepy taxidermy deer heads, it’s actually quite cozy. Who knows, maybe Gaga doesn’t mind stuffed animals watching her every move, but we can just imagine her rolling around in all her glory on the bear skin rug.

And the unconventional twosome will have plenty of room to do just that, given Kinney’s new home sweet home sits on 11 acres and is completely surrounded by nothing but lush greenery for the ultimate privacy.

The storybook spread has even more rural charm, including cathedral ceilings, a country porch, a flowing creek and lily pad fish pond.

We’re sure Gaga will be kicking off her crazy platform boots to cuddle and sing carols with the Kinney fam in front of the vintage fireplace for a White Christmas.

Peek inside the rustic digs in the CB! gallery above.