Brazilian Girl Behind the Justin Bieber Sleeping Video Speaks Out

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The girl who captured herself on camera with Justin Bieber sound asleep in the background claims the video wasn’t supposed to be leaked.

Right, we’ve heard this one before.

Tati Neves, who posted herself blowing a kiss to the pop star as he snoozed after a party at his rented pad in Rio de Janeiro, just happened to be at a magazine bash on Wednesday night in Sao Paulo, according to the Brazilian celeb site EGO and translated by CB!.

BTW, that’s the same day the video made headlines around the world.

According to the online mag, the bootylicious Brazilian coincidentally walked into the event with her entourage and told press she thought she was taking a photo of the 19-year-old superstar — NOT a video — and she never intended for it to go public.

“Right now I can’t say anything about it, but later… later I’ll be talking” Neves said. “I thought I was taking a photo, but I was wrong.”

Her spokesperson told reporters that Biebs’ party pal thought she was taking pics and only sent them to a friend with no intention of attracting the world’s attention.

“This video was not supposed to be leaked, because in the video you can hear her talking to her friend,” said this so-called advisor.

Since the video went viral, Neves (not surprisingly) has been inundated with calls to tell her story.

“I received calls today from U.S. websites asking me to talk…. to give interviews,” Neves said. “I was surprised by all this. But I’d prefer to not talk about it.”

Well, we don’t know about you, but we totally believe her.

Meet Bieber’s bikini-loving party pal in the CB! gallery above.