Francesca Eastwood on Her Dad’s Divorce: “Everything is Meant to Be”

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Francesca Eastwood grew up as Hollywood royalty, but even with her famous lineage (yep, her dad is Clint) that couldn’t have prepared her for the intensity of reality stardom.

“I’m glad I did it and it was a good experience and I learned my lessons from it,” she told Celebuzz at Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green event at the Mondrian Los Angeles Wednesday about her season-long stint on Mrs. Eastwood & Company.

But in two words, she’s “over it” and won’t be going back.

“I’m just not cut out for it. I have so much respect for the Kardashians and everyone who can do [it], I’m just not built for that and that kind of attention and my dream is to do stuff I’m really passionate about.”

And right now, it’s all about family. Her stepmother and former co-star Dina Eastwood recently filed for divorce from the 83-year-old acclaimed director after 17-years of marriage. It was reported the E! show played a part in the split, but despite their current status the family still has a tight bond.

“It’s okay. Everything is meant to be and works out the way it should,” she said.

“Everyone’s happy and everyone doing great.

“It’s going well. You know, we’re a close family and we work through stuff.”

Speaking of family, 20-year-old Francesca is the ever-supportive little sis when it comes to her half-brother Scott Eastwood‘s rise to fame — even if the ubiquitous shirtless pics can be a little awkward.

“I guess it’s weird. All my friends are like ‘oh my god! Your brother is so cute!’ she laughed. “It’s awesome. I’m so proud of him, it’s a long time coming.”

Even though she hasn’t met Scott’s new girlfriend, singer Jana Kramer, Francesca knows she’ll get the sibling approval.

“I haven’t yet,” said Francesca. “But he has good taste in girls.”