Katie Holmes’ Design Partner Jeanne Yang Revealed as Press Leak

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If things couldn’t get messier in the divorce drama between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, they definitely have now.

Holmes’ design partner behind the line Holmes & YangJeanne Yang, has been dragged into the war of words between the celeb camps as a supposed leak, according to emails between Cruise’s lawyers and publicist obtained by Celebuzz.

The docs have surfaced as part of a $50 million deposition lawsuit Tom filed last year against the publisher of Life & Style and In Touch magazines after a story claimed the actor “abandoned” his daughter Suri.

The emails are in reference to another In Touch article titled “Forgetting Mommy Already?” that reports on Tom and Suri’s trip to Disneyland where he had been “lavishing her with gifts, etc. in the hopes of one day possibly living with her.” And that Suri has “’fun’ with Tom but is ‘disciplined’ with Katie…”

It’s here that Yang is outed at the potential source.

“Amanda, how do you know it is Jeanne?” member of tom’s legal team Aaron Moss asked the actor’s publicist Amanda Lundberg.

“A very good friend/editor slipped and said her name to me on Monday. And two good sources told me it is all her,” said Lundberg. “And that [Holmes’ publicist] leslie sloan calls the paparazzi every time k gets ready to leave the building as the doormen are always surprised how they suddenly show up when she is about to leave.

“I’m positive she has. She likely told the press that they stayed at Cinderella’s Castle as no one really knew,” she added. “And every single person tells me she is speaking to the press constantly. She is the one saying – K is disciplinarian and T is spoiling and so on.

“And in true scum form… the in touch cover line is “forgetting mommy already?” which will only cause jeanne yang to keep lying and speaking and keeping these stories going each week.”

The information was so shocking that Tom’s lawyers considered taking serious action.

“Do you know if she said anything that would violate her Confidentiality Agreement?” Moss asked. “I haven’t seen it, but I understand that she is under one.”

“If you’re right I think its time that he sent a letter to KH’s lawyer about Yang,” he added in another email.

Another one of Tom’s legal eagles fumed in reference to another In Touch story claiming the actor made Suri “nervous” during their Disneyland getaway about attending school for the first time, which his lawyers flatly denied. But pointed to Yang as the source yet again.

“JY again. at this point she and they are involved in a conspiracy,” wrote Matt Galsor in the email chain. “they know she’s making this bs up.”