Stage Your Next Family Vacation in a Hunger Games Arena

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What’s more fun for the whole family than a fight to the death? Nothing, if Lionsgate has its way. The production company confirmed this morning that it is considering opening theme parks based off the hugely successful book and film franchise.

Variety reports that Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer said this morning on a phone call with analysts that the company is considering offers to create two Hunger Games theme parks. There is very little information about them, except that the offer is to develop theme parks in “two territories” and that the studio is currently considering it. While “two territories” could mean almost anything, it probably means two continents, with one theme park in North America and another either in Europe or Asia.

It’s also unclear what sort of rides there would be at a Hunger Games theme park. I’m as big a fan of The Hunger Games as anyone, but there’s literally nothing that Katniss Everdeen does in those books that I’d like to do myself. Except for making out with Josh Hutcherson. I’ll do that. Maybe scrap the whole Hunger Games theme park idea and just build a couple kissing booths featuring Josh Hutcherson. Free idea, Lionsgate.