It Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio Sure Had Fun at His 39th Birthday Party

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Leonardo DiCaprio turns 39 today. To celebrate, he had a rager at TAO nightclub in New York on a Sunday night because that’s just how he rolls I guess. Kanye West and 2 Chaniz were also there. And since it’s 2013 and literally everyone has Instagram, you can feel like you were there too. As it always is with pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio in public, you’ll recognize him by the newsboy cap he’s wearing either 90 years too late or 10 years too early (fashion trends are cyclical).

Here he is dancing by the stage. Dance at your desk, it’s like you’re there with him.

Never let go (of the beat), Leo.

Here he is kissing some lady. If history truly repeats itself, she’s a model and juuuuust shy of her 22nd birthday.

Kanye West thanked Leo for being a “real motherfucker.”

And then 2 Chainz brought Leo up on stage with him. I can’t tell what he’s saying because WHYYYYY ARE CLUBS SO LOUD ALL THE TIME?!?!

Anyway, happy birthday Leo!

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[lead image via Twitter]