Tati Neves Talks About her Night with Justin Bieber

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Bieber’s Brazilian gal pal has finally broken her silence (HA!). Tati Neves, the young lady who secretly filmed Justin Bieber sleeping gave an interview to Globo TV, in which the bodybuilder slyly said “What do you think, if I was sleeping in the bedroom, just me and him?” when asked if she and Justin had gotten intimate.

The 26-year old claims Justin called her up and invited her to a party at the house he was renting in Brazil, and that she was unaware if there were other young women there because she had “already gone into the bedroom with him.” Hmmm … Justin has yet to comment on the video that Tati posted to youtube, which has some 34 million plus views, and shows the pop star sleeping while Tati blows him a kiss.

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