Kim Kardashian Gets a Speeding Ticket Trying to Avoid Paparazzi

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Kanye West knows all too well about having unpleasant run-ins with the paps.

Now, it’s his fiance’s turn.

While behind the wheel Tuesday afternoon the new mommy was caught speeding on an Los Angeles freeway and pulled over by the cops. Only the 33-year-old wasn’t going for a joy ride, she was trying to get away from the parade of paps on her tail, according to TMZ.

According to the site’s sources, at least five cars were trailing Kardashian, and if that wasn’t scary enough, the craziness really ensued once police escorted her to the side of the road.

The photogs apparently snapped away right in the middle of oncoming highway traffic and the police are fuming over their reckless behavior that could have caused serious harm to other drivers.

And the media mob on the road wasn’t alone. There was also a paparazzi helicopter buzzing overhead.

TMZ reports that the California Highway Patrol not only gave the reality star a ticket for speeding, but at least one pap also got nabbed. Cops are investigating possible further prosecution for all photogs at the scene.