Heidi and Spencer Want Us to Know Where They’ve Been Lately

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[Image via NBCUniversal]

Because Courtney Stodden stole their last 2 minutes of fame, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want to talk about the injustice of celebrity and the consequences of spending all of your money on crystals and boob jobs.

E! will air After Shock: Heidi and Spencer on December 9th at 10pm, chronicling the couple’s rise to notoriety, and subsequently their irrelevance, which forced them to seek a quieter, less expensive life in Santa Barbara.

“The second [The Hills] ended, in 2010, the jig’s up. Now you’re irrelevant,” Pratt told E!.

Well, kind of.  It doesn’t help that no one can stand the sight of either of you because you’re both so horrible.

Also, I wouldn’t call your absence from the limelight a “choice” as much as your only option.