Chris Brown’s Violent Outburst Got Him Kicked Out of Rehab

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There’s apparently a lot more behind Chris Brown’s early exit from rehab than people thought.

The irony is that the same reason he went into treatment is the same reason he had to leave after a brief two-week stay.

In typical Brown behavior, the singer reportedly flew into a “violent rage” while seeking professional help for anger management issues, according to TMZ, and the facility gave him the boot.

And this time it wasn’t just his fists doing all the dirty work.

He was “throwing objects and breaking them,” now giving the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office more ammo to use against him. The D.A. plans on arguing in court Wednesday afternoon that his probation in the Rihanna case should be revoked and he belongs behind bars.

Even though the D.A. will go after jail time, according to the site, the Probation Department will instead ask the judge to order the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer into a longer term anger management program. That means he’ll live there for what could be months.

He is expected in court at 2 p.m.