Josh Hutcherson is the Boy on Fire for ‘Saturday Night Live’

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That cute guy you met at summer camp all those years ago but then forgot to add him on AIM, Josh Hutcherson, is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. How foolish do you feel now? He’d made all those plans: you’d stay up late talking on the phone all school year and then see each other again the next summer. But by then you were 15 and you decided to skip summer camp to spend the summer sneaking into movies at the local multiplex and you never heard from him again. But I digress.

Fearing the impending quirky Jennifer Lawrence fatigue, Lionsgate sent Hutcherson in to represent them on SNL this week. And it looks like he could be good at it! I mean the promos are more cute than they are funny. But it looks like Hutcherson’s game and maybe the writers will wisely decide that when it comes to Hunger Games jokes, less is more. Maybe. We can hope.