Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘IKEA’ and Other Funny Things

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I liked Gravity as much as the next person, but let’s be real here: is space even that scary? In comparison to a trip to Ikea? The chances of you or me going into space are pretty slim, but all of us will eventually have to trudge out to Ikea in search of a new Smörgénbügøn table. It’s the reality of the situation that makes the parody so much scarier. To ease your post-Ikea anxiety, enjoy these other Celebrity Meme Roundup goodies.

Continuing our parade of LOLs, here’s lil’ Josh Hutcherson‘s big dream:

Sh*t Rough Drafts is your new favorite Tumblr. Does what it says on the tin and so much more. Take, for example, the Sh*t Rough Draft of 50 Shades of Grey:


The Hunger Games:

Pacific Rim:

And the Harry Potter series:

And because I love a good “full circle,” here’s the Sh*t Rough Draft for Gravity:

The moral of the story? Even great films have humble beginnings. Just like people. It’s a metaphor. For me signing off. Until next time…