That One Where January Jones Calls James Marsden the Father of her Child

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You know how you have that friend who you jokingly refer to as the father of your child? Yeah, me neither. But I guess when you are a big-time celebrity like January Jones and have kept the identity of your son’s father a secret, it’s fun to make light of that.

JanJo says she and X-Men co-star James Marsden have a good laugh at the speculation surrounding the mystery daddy drama, and Marsden tells Playboy magazine, ‘Every time I see January, she’s like, “Hey, father of my baby.”‘ AWKWARD.

Apparently, Marsden is on the not-so-short list of potential paternal matches to January’s son Xander, which includes Jason Sudeikis, chef Bobby Flay, and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn. (Ed. Note: It’s Matthew Vaughn!!!!)

I guess we will never know who Xander’s dad is but in the interest of total conspiracy, here’s a recent side by side of Xander and Vaughn:

I don’t know. Maybe?

The Mad Men actress, who has spoken about the intriguing issue said in May, “It’s just not something the public needs to know.” UGH. YES IT IS.

Sorry, January but every time I see Xander it’s like Who’s your daddy? Isn’t that terrible?