Clarissa Explains How Not to Do Your Makeup

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Melissa Joan Hart, it is not your fault that this happened. Is it embarrassing? Yes. But it is not your fault. Who do I blame? I blame any one of the number of people who surely noticed “something off” before you hit the red carpet. Blame them, and if they work for you, fire them. It’s like that thing where you have spinach stuck in your teeth for six hours, and you’re like, “Um, why did no one tell me?” except that this happened to a famous person and lots of people took photos of it and then it went viral. But feel comforted, Melissa, in the knowledge that it is not your fault. I hope today’s winning captions bring a bit of humor to this otherwise unfortunate situation.

“Cocaine is a helluva drug.” – Mandi

“Clarissa can’t explain this.” – Kelly

“White out doesnt work for wrinkles?? ” – Breanna

” Do u think anyone noticed?” – June

“Take more than a teenage witch to fix that face!” – Annette

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