Pilot Killed in Mystery Plane Crash Lists Taylor Swift as His Next of Kin

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Taylor Swift has definitely had some freaky fan run-ins in the past, but this is one for the books.

A 45-year-old Canadian man named Michael Callan died in a fiery plane crash in Nashville, Tenn. last month and listed the country superstar as his next of kin.

The case has baffled investigators because not only has Swift’s rep said the 23-year-old superstar doesn’t know the man, but why he was traveling to Tennessee from Windsor, Ontario and why the crash occurred still remain a mystery.

Callan’s Cessna airplane had been scheduled to land at Pelee Island Airport in Ontario, Canada, but it’s unknown if he ever made it.

The Windsor Star has reported that a man named Michael Callan who fits the same age has a long criminal past dating back to the late 1990s in Windsor, including facing charges in connection with a child pornography crackdown in 2011.

Other crimes included several bank robberies from 1996 to 1997, even one when he pointed a gun at a pregnant bank teller. His crime spree came to an end when Windsor Flying Club members called police after Callan ditched his runaway car and entered the club carrying a bag, changed his clothes and left. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Authorities haven’t confirmed if this is the same Callan who died Oct. 29 and his family has provided no comment on why he was in the country music capital.