Tag, You’re It: Justin Bieber Paints More Graffiti in New Zealand

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Bad boy Biebs is at it again.

In an effort to mark his territory in all corners of the world, Justin Bieber reportedly showed off his spray-painting skills yet again. This time at a skate park in Auckland, New Zealand. And it’s no surprise that he pissed off some locals in the process.

Just before his concert at Vector Arena Saturday the pop star decided to take a break by going for a ride on his skateboard with cool crowd on the half-pipe at Victoria Skate Park, according to a eyewitness.

“He interacted with the other skaters by talking to them about skating and chilling on the half-pipe with them,” Jimmy Brockie told Celebuzz.

“There were roughly 40 skaters there, a few more people arrived once [he] was there, but the whole situation was quite casual.

“He said he’s keen to start skating more,” Brockie added. “He wasn’t anywhere near as good as the local skaters, he’s still a beginner skater, but good on him for getting out there and trying.”

Brockie even posted a pic for all those non-Beliebers.

(Photo: Facebook)

After hanging out for over an hour, according to Brockie, the 19-year-old switched his attention from the half-pipe to a nearby wall.

“I saw him tag the wall,” Brockie said. “Nobody went up and said anything to him while he was tagging because he had his bodyguards close.”

The skaters may have turned a blind eye, but Brockie said some BMX riders called the police.

So what did Bieber leave behind? The word ‘Bizzle,’ according to Brockie.

The New Zealand Herald has a pic of the alleged artwork.

Hmm, the last time Bieber and his friend by the name of Bizzle collaborated on artwork together it got them in some legal hot water in Rio de Janiero.

(“Me & Bizzle trying something new,” he captioned.)

Well, JB, we think you should know that tagging is also illegal in Auckland.

Police told CB! tagging/graffiti is illegal and, depending on the circumstances and evidence available, there are consequences for offenders ranging from fines, community work and beyond.

And although authorities are aware of the reports, they are not aware of any calls about Bieber’s alleged graffiti art, so we’ve been told.

But we still think Biebs should just stick to skateboarding in leather pants.

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

Bieber’s rep did not return a request for comment.