How Did Kimye React to James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Hilarious ‘Bound 2’ Parody?

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James Franco’s known for taking on some outlandish characters (i.e. as a tatted-up rapper/drug dealer with corn rows and gold teeth to match in Spring Breakers and a meth dealer in Homefront), but who knew Kanye West was on his short-list.

But when West released his over-the-top video for “Bound 2” last week complete with a topless (and nipple-less) Kim Kardashian straddling him on a motorcycle, Franco and pal Seth Rogen (as Kardashian, of course) couldn’t resist the obvious parody. And as you know, they nailed it.

We also know West’s not-so-healthy appetite when it comes to poking a little fun at his expense (Jimmy Kimmel will never forget), so the last 24 hours were touch and go.

But, this time, there was no all-caps Twitter rampage. Only lower case. And everyone’s still friends.

And just in case you missed all the hilariousness, here’s “Bound 3.”