Psych! Angie Didn’t Buy Brad that Island

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His birthday isn’t until December 18th so it could still happen, but according to the New York Post, Brad Pitt will not be receiving the heart-shaped island of Petra from Angelina Jolie.

Celebuzz was among the sites to report that Angie had snatched up the secluded island, located 50 miles away from New York City, but alas, we were misinformed.

The daughter of the owners of the $20-million island, Donna Massaro told the paper,”I don’t have any idea where that [report] came from. The family threw it out there to see if anyone was interested, and so far no [potential buyers] have [come forward].” Alrighty then. It begs the question though: what IS Angelina going to get Brad for his 50th?