William’s “Quite Jealous” of Prince Harry’s Antarctic Trek

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While making final preparations for his team’s race to the South Pole, Prince Harry spoke to Sky News royal correspondent Paul Harrison from Antarctica.

For the most part, everyone in Harry’s family is excited for his journey, although Prince Charles is a bit nervous for his youngest son.

“My father was a little concerned, but I obviously tried to keep him calm and explain the North Pole was the dangerous one because we’re walking on a frozen ocean whereas this time there are crevasses,” Harry said.

“But hopefully the guides will take us around that. Apart from frostbite you should be able to look after yourself as long as you just head south.”

And as for Prince William?  Well, the Wales brothers never miss an opportunity to rib each other.

“My brother, yeah, I think he’s just quite jealous that I managed to get away from a screaming child,” Harry joked.

The prince will race alongside injured servicemen and women, something he keeps in mind while healing his broken toe.

“My toe is now 95%, so I’m fine and even if i mention my toe I see Duncan turn around laugh at me, mock me, so whatever setbacks I’ve had is irrelevant against these guys, it was always going to be.

“I’ve got four limbs and I’m completely fine. ¬†Well, almost fine,” he said, then pointing to his head, “Up here.”


The Walking With The Wounded South Pole Challenge is due to begin this weekend.

[Image via Sky News]