Blake Lively Wants to Have 30 Kids with Ryan Reynolds, and Who Can Blame Her?

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Blake Lively‘s father revealed that his youngest daughter, 26, wants to start making babies.

Ernie Lively, who suffered a heart attack in 2003, was the first patient ever to undergo retrograde gene therapy for the heart – injecting a patient’s own stem cells in the heart to repair damaged muscle and arteries.  The procedure took place at Utah School of Medicine’s Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, where Ernie and his wife, Elain live.

Before the surgery, Ernie wasn’t able to walk up a flight of stairs.  Now, he’s looking forward to playing with future grandchildren.

“My youngest daughter is newly married and wants a big family,” Ernie told University of Utah Health Care (via People).

She says she wants 30 kids. I said, ‘Why don’t you start with one?'”

Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, told DETAILS the same thing this summer.

We both come from big families — my parents did four, Blake’s did five. A lot of people say it’s crazy, but we’ll only know when we’re there, you know? We’ll walk through that fire pretty happily, I think.”