Christopher Walken Couldn’t Catch a Cab, So He Hitchhiked with Fans Instead

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Last month, Christopher Walken was having trouble finding a cab in New York’s Upper West Side. Fortunately for him, two fans happened to spot him and offer him a ride. Fortunately for us, those fans decided to upload the selfie they took with him onto Reddit.

Walken was looking for a cab on the morning of Nov. 19. The two men, Sergio and Ash, spotted the actor while driving down Columbus Avenue and offered him a ride. Walken reportedly “wasn’t weirded out” and got into their car, saying he was headed downtown.

Walken and his surprise chauffeurs talked about neighborhoods in New York and Walken gave one of the men advice on acting. Once they reached his destination somewhere in Midtown, Walken remained in the car for a few minutes to finish the conversation before getting out.

So the next time you see Christopher Walken on the street, offer him a lift.

[Gothamist; image via Reddit]