‘Courtney Loves Dallas’ Star Courtney Kerr Faces Off Against Robert Kessler in the Ultimate Dallas Trivia

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A veteran of Bravo’s Most Eligible: Dallas, Courtney Kerr‘s new reality series, Courtney Loves Dallas, premieres tonight. As a Dallas native myself, I was eager to test her knowledge of the city we both hail from. So who’s the bigger Dallas expert?

As it turns out, the two of us were pretty evenly matched. Watch us compete, and talk about our favorite parts of Dallas in the video above.

So what can we expect to see on Courtney Loves Dallas? Quite a bit: there will be relationship drama, friend drama, career drama and, of course, plenty of Dallas charm. As she says, “In a city that birthed Nieman Marcus and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, can you really go wrong?” No, Courtney, you cannot.

Check out our full chat (it’s mostly about Tex Mex) here: