Holy Ham Hocks! ‘MasterChef’ Judge Graham Elliot Has Lost 128 Lbs.

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Wow. A lot can happen in five months. Just ask MasterChef judge and co-host Graham Elliot who has lost a staggering 128 pounds since his sleeve gastrectomy procedure in July. The 36-year old Chicago native and restauranteur shared his amazing body transformation on Twitter, after completing his first 5K.

Graham, who is father to three boys, has served as the portly but genial judge on Gordon Ramsay and Fox’s competitive cooking show MasterChef, now filming its fifth season. The inspiring foodie thanked his wife Allie for her support as he shared photos from the race.

He also explained his Movember ‘stache as tribute to legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka.

Graham told People after completing his first 5K on November 30th, “I have been jogging and training since the summer, working up to three miles. The race was amazing! The feeling of crossing the finish line was a great sense of accomplishment.”

While Elliot admitted he still struggles with temptation (don’t we all?), he said “If friends are eating fast food or baking fresh chocolate chip cookies, it’s difficult not to grab even a tiny piece. Mentally, I’ve got to start thinking of that stuff as the enemy.” PREACH.