Lady Gaga’s Transformation Into Boy George: 125 Percent Complete

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Boy George was in pop culture, now Picasso-via-Boy George is in me.” – A lyric from Lady Gaga‘s new album, ARTPOP 2: Hot Nonsense. Reviews of the album are decidedly mixed. “What the f*** did I just listen to?” asked one reviewer. “It’s certainly better than Britney Jean,” declared another.  “It’s good, but not as good as today’s winning captions,” mused a third.

“Boy George gone wrong!” – Renee

“Half Boy George, half clown, all NUT!” – Tiffany

“Halloween was in October??????” – Manon

“one second i’m picasso, then suddenly, picasso is me!” – Eng-Salma

“masterPEACE” – Ateh

“Just came out of my frame, peace” – Ladyama

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