Jared Leto Initially Really Wasn’t Interested in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

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Jared Leto and his perfect hair grace the January 2013 cover of Nylon Guys. In the issue Jared talks about his role as a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club and Oscar buzz.

Initially Jared didn’t pay much attention to the Dallas Buyers Club script. He revealed, “I got the script for Dallas Buyers Club sent to me three times, and i just ignored it. I hadn’t read a script years. I had no plans to ever make a film again. But I fell in love.” 

For his role in the film, Jared just picked up the best supporting actor award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. He tied with James Franco for his role in Spring Breakers.

Leto’s name is being mentioned frequently in terms a potential Oscar nomination for playing Rayon, and he is shocked by all the positive response that he’s received.

I never thought in a million years I would be mentioned with either ‘buzz’ or ‘Oscar.‘ It’s completely mind-blowing. You don’t do it for that, but buzz is an indication that something worked. Like, maybe this one won’t be a heartbreak.”

I think there is a very good chance that we will be seeing Jared at the podium this year with an Oscar in his hand.