Emmy Rossum is Very Topless for Esquire

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Hi there Emmy Rossum!

Singer, and the star of Shameless, is featured quite topless, albeit appropriately covered up, in numerous photos feature in the January 2014 issue of Esquire magazine.

In the interview that accompanies the sexy pics, Emmy talks about the importance of life and her dog Cinnamon’s endowment. 

Rossum recalls, “Last weekend, I was pulling out of my house, and I saw a body in the road and blood everywhere. This guy had been hit by a car.”

“I called 911 and stayed with him. You see how lucky you are to be alive. All the Hollywood bullshit and accolades and money really doesn’t matter. It just gives you a slightly nicer house and slightly nicer food and slightly shinier hair.”

During the interview Emmy offered for the interviewer to meet her dog. She brings out her pup Cinnamon, and promptly states that even though the tog is tiny, he has a huge penis.

She goes on. “He was a present. [Out of the side ofher mouth, as if not wanting Cinnamon to hear] I wanted a Rhodesian ridgeback. But I had a really shitty boyfriend who gave him to me. [Normal voice] And, of course, when a really cute dog shows up on your doorstep, you can’t be like, ‘Yeah, no. You’re like, Oh, yay, puppy!’ Also: Never get your girlfriend a pet that she didn’t know she was getting.”

Emmy is so wise.