‘Downton’ Scandal: Allen Leech Reveals The Truth About Niall Horan

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I don’t believe it.  First Thomas The Chauffeur marries and knocks up Lady Sybil.  Now we learn that he sired One Direction’s Niall Horan (in the garage, no doubt).

“He’s my son*,” a deadpan Allen Leech told Andy Cohen,  the words rolling off that Irish Catholic tongue His Lordship so secretly detests.

“I had him really young. I had the choice to give him to the circus or a boy band, I chose a boy band. He’s done much better there ’cause his backflips are terrible.”

Leech and other Downton Abbey stars promoted season four in New York City.  He was joined by Rob James-Collier, Lesley Nichol and Laura Carmichael on Watch What Happens Live, where Cohen hugged a life-size pillow of Thomas (played by James-Collier).  Leech told Cohen that when he met the Duke of Cambridge at the Winter Whites Ball two weeks ago.

“He actually said ‘I’m a big fan of the show. Only now that my wife’s had a baby,'” Leech recalled.

Season four of Downton premieres stateside January 4th on PBS.

*Leech and Horan are not actually related.  Happy Holidays.