Chandler Bing Gets Another Chance

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After a string of failed shows — Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Mr. Sunshine and Go OnMatthew Perry is getting another chance to duplicate the success of Friends. Perry will executive produce, co-write and star in an adaptation of Neil Simon‘s The Odd Couple which has been given a script commitment from CBS.

In the new show, Perry will play the messy Oscar Madison, the foil to his neat freak roommate Felix Ungar (who has yet to be cast). Perry will co-write the show with Danny Jacobsen, who co-wrote Mad About You.

The show will be shot like Friends, as a multi-camera comedy shot in front of a live studio audience, according to Deadline.

This is, of course, not the first television adaptation of the successful Broadway show. A TV show based on the play aired for five seasons on ABC, starting in 1970. There was also a movie version in 1968 which had a sequel in 1998. There has also been a cartoon version of the play called The Oddball Couple, an all-black version called The New Odd Couple and a female version called The Female Odd Couple.