Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio Had a Botched Cosmetic Surgery

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I know it’s hard to believe based on the photo of Alessandra Ambrosio above (taken at last night’s amfAR Inspiration Gala), but the stunning Victoria’s Secret model suffered a botched cosmetic procedure when she was just 11 years old.

Alessandra told Net-A-Porter that she had her ears pinned back, and that the Brazilian doctor who performed the procedure had only done it once before. “I was a guinea pig. The first few nights, it felt like someone had cut off my ears,” the 32-year old mom of two revealed.

Alessandra, who started modeling at the age of 12, didn’t like the way her ears “stuck out,” and thought the procedure would improve her chances of pursuing a career in modeling. When the surgery went awry, she experienced tremendous pain and had to return for additional mini-surgeries for a year after the initial operation. 

To this day, she often wears her hair down and admits, “Doctors say they can fix them, but cosmetic surgery freaks me out now.” Understandably.

Fortunately, this is what she looked like not long after the botched ear-pinning.

HIDEOUS!! Just kidding. She looks like … a model. And this is what she looked like in the Victoria’s Secret fashion from last month.

So, it looks like it all worked out, but don’t expect to see Alessandra getting any other “improvements” done to her gorgeous self anytime soon.