‘Homeland’ Is Downsizing Its Cast For Upcoming Fourth Season (REPORT)

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Sad news for anyone who looooves watching Dana and Jessica Brody argue about boys while Carrie is out saving the free world. It appears that neither Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor will be series regulars after Homelandairs its third season finale tomorrow.

TV Line is reporting that both Morena and Morgan are only being asked to return as guest-stars for the Showtime drama’s upcoming fourth season.

Although both actresses have already seen their parts drastically reduced this season, this announcement means we’ll be seeing even less of them next year. It isn’t out of the question that they’ll return, their parts will just be a lot more minor than they have been.

Morena’s real life pregnancy is allegedly part of reason this is happening, but I have another theory. Hear me out.


Without a need for Dana or Jessica, Showtime may be ready to move on from the Brody storyline altogether.

In last weeks episode, Brody, Damian Lewis, went through with his mission in Iran and killed Akbari, but he still needed help from Carrie, played by Claire Danes, to escape.

If Brody doesn’t survive the escape plan, which seems likely, then his family will no longer be connected to the ongoing story at all.

I’m convinced this announcement is a red herring thrown out today to keep people surprised when Brody doesn’t live to see the end of tomorrow’s episode. Damian was around about as much as Morena and Morgan were this season, and that may have been an active attempt to prepare fans for a post-Brody Homeland.

If I’m wrong, y’all can yell at me tomorrow. But if I’m right, you heard it here first.