Kim Kardashian Backlash, Jennifer Lawrence Slams Fat-Shamers, Penelope Cruz’s Breastfeeding Addiction: A Roundup

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Kim Kardashian Slams Claims That She Had Waxed Daughter’s Eyebrows

The reality starlet is not happy with critics have been accusing her of, responding to claims that she had recently waxed her infant daughter’s eyebrows. Fox News has the full story.

Jennifer Lawrence: “It Should Be Illegal to Call Somebody Fat”

The Oscar winner is taking a stance against how the media has portrayed women, telling journalist Barbara Walters that there should be body image rules and regulations. Watch her interview on Huffington Post.

Penelope Cruz Says Breastfeeding Is “Addictive”

The brunette beauty admits she breastfed her son until he was 13 months because “it’s hard … to stop.” TooFab has the full story.

Did Justin Bieber Just Hotbox His Car?

JB recently stepped out of his car in a puff of smoke. And given that he’s no magician, many are speculating that the singer has been smoking up on the move. Watch the video and judge for yourself on TMZ.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Re-Team for New Movie

The BFFs, who won simultaneous Oscars for Good Will Hunting in 1998, are teaming up again for another onscreen collaboration. has details on their net project.

Orlando Bloom Talks Rubbing His Junk on Other People

The Pirates of the Caribbean star will be taking it all off in his new movie, Zulu, and the actor is spilling the beans on just went down on set when he was buck naked. Get the scoop on Gossip Cop.