Prince Harry Grew a Ginger Beard During His Antarctica Trip

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Harry Phones Home
Prince Harry makes a phone call from Antarctica.
What’s the best way to commemorate a 200-mile trek to the South Pole? Why, growing a beard, of course!

Like a fine any outdoorsman, Prince Harry has done just that for his Walking With the Wounded expedition in Antarctica — and now photos of the royal bristles have made their way online.

Looking ruggedly handsome in a bushy beard, the red-headed royal is seen with representatives of the U.K., U.S.A., and the Commonwealth — including equally scruffy True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgård — at National Science Foundation’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole station in the newly-released pictures.

The trek, which originally was intended to be a race but was ditched after the three teams agreed to join together in favor of raising morale and a united effort, was completed Dec. 13.

I’m so proud, I’m so chuffed and I’m so privileged to be here with all these guys and girls,” Harry said of the accomplishment. “I think we’ll be having a few whiskies tonight.”

Whisky and whiskers? Ron Swanson would be proud, son.

[Photo courtesy from: Andrea Dixon/National Science Foundation]