Katy Perry Underwent an Alcohol Detox 3 Months After Russell Brand Split

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Katy & Russell
A look back at Katy Perry and Russell Brand's romance.
After feeling “pretty f**ked” about her divorce with Russell Brand, Katy Perry changed her ways.

According to the songstress, she went through a complete change in her lifestyle, including cutting off all alcohol from her diet three months after the split as part of the healing process.

“You know, I did a lot of different things,” the songstress said on U.K. talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, according to the Daily Mail. “I surrounded myself with my good friends, I did this whole cleanse where I didn’t have any alcohol for three months — that was devastating — I did vitamins and supplements, and hikes and meditation and prayer.”

Though her 2011 split from the British funnyman left her quite shaken up, Perry said it really made her rethink her life and help her build her confidence.

“It’s fun to laugh at it now, it wasn’t fun to laugh at it then,” she said. “You know, I was going through a period where a lot of negative thoughts were entering my mind, obviously they did not succeed, but I had my confidence kind of beaten down.”

“It’s a record of me going inside, and a lot of self reflection and figuring out like, ‘Where can I make areas of myself better, or what responsibility can I take?'” Perry explained. “Rather than pointing the finger and saying ‘you’re the problem’ or ‘you’re the reason for all my problems’ or ‘you’re awful, my life is awful’, I go ‘okay, how can I fix this?’ So yeah, it was not fun.'”

Earlier this year, the “Roar” singer — who is now dating John Mayer — said she spent days “eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and drinking” when Brand initially broke up with her via text message.

“There were two weeks of my life after I found out the truth of my marriage where I was like, ‘OK. All right. I can’t feel this. This is too intense right now,” she said, adding that Transcendental Meditation was “the best thing I got out of my previous relationship, because it was introduced to me via my ex-husband.”