Miley Cyrus Shares ‘Adore You’ Video Teaser

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Miley Cyrus just released another sneak preview of her, um, self-loving “Adore You” video and it’s predictably Miley-esque. The 43-second black and white clip shows a lingerie-clad Miley rolling around in the sheets and reaching down to her nether regions. Oh, Miley. What next?

One day after grinding on Santa, the naughty 21-year old is at it again. The video appears to be a lust letter of sorts (Liam, you watching?) as the pop star writhes around in the grainy footage and stares longingly at the camera. The full video debuts December 26th, but you can check out the preview above.

Lyrics for “Adore You” are now on Directlyrics.