The 9 Most Epic Movie Moments Of All Time

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The Legend of Herculesis bound to have some impressive moments. So while we’re waiting in anticipation for its release, we thought we’d share the nine most epic moments of all time! From the most eye-opening to the purely unexpected to the unpredictably hilarious, we’ve got all the genres covered in the list below:

#1 Black Swan: Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis’ Makeout Sesh


Two superhot ballerina-turned-lesbians partake in a steamy hot makeout sesh right in front of our eyes. What other reason do we need to rank Mila Kunisand Natalie Portman’s risqué moment in Black Swan as one of the most epic movie scenes of all time??


No matter what you thought about 300, there’s one phrase from the film that you’ll never get out of your head: “THIS IS SPARTA!” Admit it: You never expected Gerard Butler to dropkick that Persian messenger into a hole.

#3 The Hunger Games: Katniss & Peeta Trick The Game Makers & Cheat Death

With the anxiety of whether or not Katniss and Peeta would both survive the games and wondering if Katniss would in fact kill herself for someone she didn’t truly love, the actual outcome of this scene from The Hunger Games provides a true shock for everyone.

#4 The Dark Knight: Joker’s Pencil Trick

We knew the Joker was nuts, but no one expected that his little pencil trick would end up in the eye socket of one very unfortunate man, leaving us a little sick to our stomachs.

#5 127 Hours: James Franco Cuts Off His Arm

As if this movie wasn’t stressful enough … Watching James Franco cut off his own arm made us twist and turn in our seats with agony (in fact, my stomach is still churning just thinking about it). There’s only one word to describe this epic moment: hardcore.

#6 Se7en: What’s In The box?

Could you guess what was going to be in the box Morgan Freeman opened from Kevin Spacey? No, we didn’t think it was going to be Gwyneth Paltrow’s decapitated head either … and obviously neither did Brad Pitt, as he asked about four times: “What’s in the box?!”

#7 Borat: Wrestling Scene

After beating the crap out of each other for a live audience, we definitely didn’t expect Borat to begin making out with his ex-lover … especially in front of an audience of homophobic rednecks.

 #8 The Hangover: Suck On These Chinese Nuts!

You know what they say – Size isn’t everything. Ken Jeong proves this point after flashing his smaller-than-expected male piece to The Hangover dudes. I guess confidence is everything?

#9 Bridesmaids: Brazilian Food Gone Bad

So we knew something was going to go wrong before The Bridesmaids ladies even stepped foot into the Brazilian restaurant. But we did NOT expect things to go this wrong. GROSS!

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