Brian Dawe Backs Out Of ‘Couples Therapy,’ Ruins Farrah Abraham’s Fake Life

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Farrah Abraham and the producers behind Couples Therapy thought they could pull a fast one on viewers, but then Abraham’s partner-in-crime grew a guilty conscience.

Brian Dawe signed up for a staged relationship with the Teen Mom/adult film star back in October, agreeing to pose as her boyfriend for the VH1 series that would pay him a “substantial amount of money.

Just before filming was about to commence, Dawe had a change of heart.

I checked my bags and got into the airport security line,” Dawe told Starcasm in an interview.  “When I was in that line it really hit me what I was doing. I realized that lying was wrong no matter what the circumstance were, and decided my morals and integrity were worth more than any amount of money. I stepped out of the security line and made a life changing decision to stand up for what I believe in and turn down the check I would be receiving for my appearance on this show.”

After Dawe emailed the producers to let them know he was backing out, they offered him double his original fee.

“I was shocked that the network STILL wanted to produce a ‘reality’ show based on this ‘relationship,’ even though I had told them it was a complete lie,” he said.

Dawe admitted that he initially signed up to make money, but came to the realization that it was wrong.  In the end, he felt it was important to stand up against the evils of reality television and to stop exploiting Abraham.

“Reality TV is a culture of exploiting people and it needs to change,” he said.

My hero.