Shia LaBeouf Plagiarized Lena Dunham During A Twitter War Stemming From His Plagiarism Problems

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Who doesn’t love a good Twitter feud to liven up their weekend? Well, Lena Dunham and Shia LaBeoufwent to war with each other today and it was as polite and hipster-ific as I’m sure you’re all imagining.

In case you missed it, this whole thing started after the internet found out Mr. LaBeouf had included uncredited dialogue in a short film he directed. Long story short, he plagiarized another writers work. Then, two days ago, after apologizing many times via Twitter, Shia had one last attempt at a mea culpa written in the sky. That message, as you can imagine, also happened to find its way to Twitter.

That brings us to this morning when Lena, the writer / director / and lead actress on Girls, felt the need to share her disdain for skywriting and its perpetuators.

And  because he obviously hasn’t learned his lesson, Shia responded by lifting a tweet that Dunham had written herself way back in 2012.

He wasn’t done though, not at all.

Thankfully, Lena has a memory like an elephant.

And then she won the battle. #crushedit

She must’ve dropped a microphone when this ended right? Lena, if you read this, please Instagram or Vine a video of you dropping a microphone. Thanks.