NEW PICS: Go Inside Justin Bartha’s Hawaiian Wedding Weekend

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Justin Bartha’s tropical nuptials sure attracted a star-studded crowd, who appropriately let loose… and looked good doing it.

As Ken Jeong worked his moves (sunglasses included) on the dance floor, Jesse Eisenberg took an early morning Bartha family beach stroll before donning a tux — and CB! has the exclusive pics.

The 35-year-old Hangover star tied the knot in his bride Lia Smith’s native Hawaii Jan. 4 on the island of Oahu, and the post-“I do” soiree looked like a beach blast.

The private outside ceremony was officiated by Art of Elysium founder Jennifer Howell and took place just before sunset at the Secret Island surrounded by the mountains and picturesque exotic landscape of Kualoa. And when the party got started, Paul McCartney‘s very own DJ Chris Holmes took to the turntables.

Howell was so moved by the memorable festivities for the newlyweds (who are also newly-expecting parents-to-be!) she called the emotional event “the most profound night of my life” via social media: “I got to marry two people that I truly love and whose vows were true. The vows that were shared will be there until the end of time and beyond,” she wrote.

“True love is that tingle in your pinky toe that you pray you can share with the world one day,” Howell added. “Today, it has been shared. I am here to live and die by what was said. Always and forever I am here to remind you what you committed to and who you love. Y’all asked me to marry you and I am forever your humble and devoted servant. Until the end of time.”

From Mr. and Mrs. Bartha’s first dance and speech as husband and wife to the bride’s gorgeous white wedding gown (and Jeong at his finest and funniest), take a look inside their wedding album in the CB! gallery above.