This Is What Happens When Sandra Bullock Googles Herself… and It Involves Julia Roberts and George Clooney

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Even movie stars can’t help but search their names on the World Wide Web.

In Sandra Bullock’s case, she decided to take the internet plunge to get some inspiration for her Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards acceptance speech Jan. 4 and got more information about herself — and George Clooney — than she bargained for.

“When you are told you are going to receive an honor like this from the Palm Springs International Film Festival, you spend the next couple of weeks crapping yourself [about] what you are going to say. And if you know me, I don’t take compliments well, and I don’t feel comfortable in these situations,” she told the audience that included the star-studded likes of Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper, to name a few.

“I thought it would be a nice, fun approach to this evening to do something different, so I Googled myself and read the comments section, thinking I would get some tidbits on what people really think of me and share that with you for humor,” she added.

But using the largest search engine in the world was a regrettable decision on her part said the Desert Palm Achievement Award winner, who was honored for her lead role in Gravity.

“No human should ever read the comments section or Google oneself at any time!” the 49-year-old joked. “But I did learn a lot about myself. Some things I was very well aware of. ‘Sandra Bullock is over 40’ came up a lot. I know that. ‘Sandra Bullock is way past 40.’ Yep, I know that, too.”

But the love triangle between her, Roberts and Clooney was a new revelation.

“Apparently, Julia — I don’t know where you are — but apparently, you and I are in a dispute over George Clooney,” quipped Bullock, who has a 4-year-old son, Louis. “We talked about this, right? We share custody, and we are both fine with it.”

Other comments like, “There is absolutely nothing special about her acting,” “She is not particularly attractive,” and “She is mediocre” the actress took in stride because of all the memorable milestones she’s achieved throughout her illustrious big screen career.

“I got to do things like play ‘Chopsticks’ on a floor piano with Tom Hanks,” she explained of the many highlights. “I was reminded that I made out with Meryl Streep. Off screen… not necessarily her choice. I worked with Betty White. I’ve flown into space. I’ve had a pretty good life, and a pretty good career.

“I have had a very fortunate year… The next year could be a real stinker. So from this not particularly talented or mediocre, over-40 woman, I am so grateful and so thankful.”