Mindy Kaling Loves her Elle Magazine Cover, Calls Everyone Pervs

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Yesterday, we pondered whether ELLE magazine felt Mindy Kaling‘s size-8 figure was not entirely cover worthy, thus her photo for ELLE‘s Women in TV issue was a headshot. It was a beautiful one, but a headshot nevertheless. Today, Mindy herself weighed in on the subject in fitting Mindy fashion.

The 34-year old comedian extradordinaire took to social media to plug her show respond to the hullabaloo surrounding her cover (below):

and then she followed it up with:

Just to be crystal clear, Mindy added:

So, there you have it. She’s not too bent out of shape about ELLE‘s choice of photo. The magazine released the following statement: “Mindy looks sexy, beautiful and chic. We think it is a striking and sophisticated cover and are thrilled to celebrate her in our Women in TV Issue.” Okay, then. Case closed.

Tune into The Mindy Project tonight to see Mindy and Chris Messina TOTALLY NAKED. Just kidding!