5 Hottest GIFs of Kellan Lutz in ‘The Legend Of Hercules’

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There’s only ONE more day until the premiere of The Legend Of Hercules! If you’re stoked for the movie (or if you’re just freakin’ OBSESSED with Kellan Lutz… as we are… it’s ok… we won’t judge…), check out these GIFS of Kellan looking heroically HOT. (One more day. Just ONE MORE DAY!)

1.) He’s a man that will fight for his woman (*fans self*). HOT.

2.) Looks like Kellan can man-handle his sword.

3.) He’s virtually fearless. Hot. Damn.

4.) He’s a leader, not a follower. Need I say more?

5.) And… just… that strength… that body (*sigh*).

Get inside details, footage and photos from The Legend Of Hercules right here. The film hits theaters Jan. 10. Check out the trailer: