Here Is Stevie Nicks’ ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Cameo

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Last night’s American Horror Story: Coven was graced with an appearance by the White Witch herself, Stevie Nicks. The Fleetwood Mac singer played an exaggerated version of herself who really is a witch. Nicks’ appearance on the episode was as a gift from Jessica Lange‘s Fiona to Lily Rabe‘s Misty, who has spent her entire life idolizing Nicks. In the scene, Nicks treats Misty, who is believed to be the coven’s next leader (or supreme), to an acoustic version of the Fleetwood Mac hit “Rhiannon.”

Rumors of witchery have followed Nicks throughout her entire career. Likely stemming from Nicks’ aesthetic, she has always denied them, including in this interview. Nicks exhibits great humor about herself here, embracing the witch persona which has haunted her for years. In the episode, Fiona calls Stevie “an old friend.” Nicks told the Los Angeles Times why she agreed to make an appearance on the show:

“I wouldn’t have done this 30 years ago. In the beginning of my career, the whole idea that some wacky, creepy people were writing, ‘You’re a witch, you’re a witch!’ was so arresting. And there I am like, ‘No, I’m not! I just wear black because it makes me look thinner you idiots.’ I stopped wearing black for like a year. Then I was just like, ‘OK, just bring it freaks. I’m not going to wear apricot. You think whatever you want because I’m going to wear my beautiful, long black dress. Get out of my face.’ I got mad. I went back to black. So when all this came along, I was like, ‘what, really, am I going to turn this down because of all that past nonsense?’ I’m way too old and I’ve been through way too much to give up an opportunity like this. I’m fearless. You have to be fearless in life, Yvonne. I’m not afraid of anything. Don’t you ever be afraid of anything.”

Later in the episode, Stevie Nicks came back to sing “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You” to Fiona. This means that no one here at Celebuzz was right in predicting her song choices.

She will appear on one more episode of AHS sometime later in the season.