Joanna Krupa Vows to Have A Lot More Sex in 2014

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Joanna Krupa’s husband Romain Zago better listen up because she’s ready to start 2014 with a bang.

The Real Housewives of Miami star has never been shy about her sex life (or lack there of)… but things are already starting to look up, the newlywed tells CB! in an exclusive sit-down interview.

“Romain’s going to kill me because he hates that I talk about this all the time, but you know what, I’m a needy woman and I’m more sexual. It’s either I have issues or he has issues,” Joanna confessed.

“I’m the type that wants it more. Since the day we met he’s never been as sexual as I am.”

The proactive husband and wife, who tied the knot after seven years together last June, even saw a couples therapist to figure out why they weren’t spending enough time between the sheets.

And it worked! But, of course, the 34-year-old wants more.

“He should be flattered that I want him so much because he’s a hot piece of ass!” Joanna said with a giggle. “I love him, I want him.

“I’m definitely getting more since we’ve been working on it. At least we went from once a month to once a week.”

Bump that up to three a week, Romain, and as the housewives say “Happy wife, happy life.”

Words to live by.