Rupert Grint Recalls Shia LaBeouf Getting Naked and Tripping on Acid While Filming Movie

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Full Frontal Shia LaBeouf
The actor and 16 others who have done full frontal nudity.
The precious stories regarding Shia LaBefouf keep on revealing themselves.

Actor Rupert Grint says it was astonishing to watch his The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman co-star Shia LeBeouf take LSD.

The movie is all about drugs, so Shia apparently decided to get the full experience and actually ended up on set after taking hallucinogenic drug LSD.

The former Harry Potter star, who plays an aspiring porn star in the movie said the incident has put him off drugs forever, the Guardian reported.

“He (LeBeouf) smashed the place up, got naked and kept seeing this owl. If anything will make you not do drugs, it’s watching that,” Grint said.

Check out the trailer for the film below.