This Is How Ryan Sweeting Makes His Love for Kaley Cuoco Even More Permanent

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You know it’s true love when you get your wife’s name permanently inked on your body.

Take, for example, Ryan Sweeting’s over-the-top expression of his feelings for the new Mrs. Sweeting, actress Kaley Cuoco, by cemeting his devotion on his lower arm, as he revealed on Instagram Wednesday.

This actually brings up a long-debated topic… is it a sweet symbol or just a really bad idea?

As it turns out, Ryan isn’t the only celeb who’s got bitten by the love bug only later to suffer from tattoo regret.

Remember when Kat Von D got her ex-fiance Jesse Jamesface tattooed to her arm and she ended up accusing him of cheating on her with 19 women (although we have to say the writing was already on the wall with that one.) Take Angelina Jolie, who decided to ink ex-hubby Billy Bob Thornton‘s name on her bicep and besides the heartbreak that came with the breakup, she had to go through the equally painful process of removing it years later. Then there’s Adrianne Bailon, who decided after she broke up with Rob Kardashian she hated her butt tattoo, too (we can’t imagine why.)

But, to be fair, the 26-year-old tennis pro is really taking his vows of forever commitment to heart by getting K-a-l-e-y in big, bold, cursive lettering. (So he obviously really means business and banking on martial bliss.)

Photo: Instagram

And he even took Wiz Khalifa‘s wise words to live by: “Ink my whole body I don’t give a …,” he wrote — so, you never know, more artistic expressions in the form of body monikers could be in Ryan’s future.

So with that said, we do hope the Sweetings continue down the road of everlasting love and Kaley appreciates the ridiculously romantic (albeit questionable) gesture.