Is This Photo of Farrah Abraham the Greatest Photo of 2014 So Far?

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I actually have nothing to say about this photo of Farrah Abraham that today’s winning captions don’t say better, so let’s just get to the good stuff:

“Backdoor Teen Mom: Hut hut in her butt butt” – Jewel

“I’ve opened my legs for bigger” – Emmy

“Are ya ready to score??……. In my back door???? ” – Katherine

“Who knew I had a football in there? Wonder what happened to the player?” – Jennifer

“She thinks she’s a tight end but really she’s a wide receiver that likes to go deep …” – Santos

“Back Door Teen Mom: Pig Skin Win” – Mandy

“Farrah Abraham breaks record in Thai Ping Pong contest shocker!” – Kirsty

“Wilson found a new cave” – MattandMelissa

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