Joanna Krupa Talks Married Life, Babies and Freezing Her Eggs

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Joanna Krupa’s more than sixth months in to married life.

And the honeymoon period is already over and being replaced with talk of a babymoon in 2014.

“Once we said ‘I do’ it feels like I love him so much more because he made that commitment,” the Real Housewives of Miami star told Celebuzz in studio of her husband Romain Zago.

And there have been no secrets, she says, during their seven-year relationship, including the desire to hear the pitter patter of little feet.

“We are definitely talking about it more than ever,” the reality star revealed of their plans to expand the family. “So we are considering freezing my eggs or going for it [in 2014].

And that means the 34-year-old will have to slow down her jet-set lifestyle, which is easier said than done.

“What really scares me is I’m bicoastal — my life is in L.A. and he’s in Miami and I’m always back and forth. So when I have a baby it’s not like I ‘okay, tomorrow I decide I can pick up and I’m leaving.’

“For me, I’m not ready, but I don’t ever think I’ll be ready so if wham bam I get pregnant, I get pregnant.”

But in-vitro fertilization does have its perks, she said.

“I would also love to plan having a girl and a boy or even twins, so we’re definitely talking about if we’re going to do the natural route or going to do in-vitro.”

And Joanna’s hubby already has a nesting plan.

“It’s like imagine me with a baby bump! Romain’s like ‘I’m gonna close you up in a room for nine months because you’ll always be complaining’… I’m like ‘whatever,’” she laughed. “Then, you carry the baby.”