Will Lena Dunham Help Sell the ‘Lena Dunham of Couches’?

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The Internet is just a weird and wacky place where some times people take inanimate objects and assign them fictitious characters’ personalities to sell them online. Huh?

At least in the case of this guy. Mickey Dwyer apparently needed to unload a no-longer needed couch on Craigslist and in the spirit of social media manipulation, he enlisted the help of Girls creator and Golden Globe winning actress and Voguecover girl Lena Dunham to make the couch seem more … desirable.

Mickey had initially posted an ad that described said couch as: “a classy beautiful sexy REAL and relatable couch that’s comfortable. This is basically the Lena Dunham of couches. This is just..like a couch I don’t know why everything needs a label like we’re fruit or something and you just have to pick them off or sometimes you swallow them and don’t even notice.”

But when that failed to pique interest, the determined salesman took to Twitter to see if Lena would endorse the couch.

Lena retweeted Mickey’s sentiment but didn’t comment and/or up the ante of this magical sofa, so we’ll keep you abreast of the latest ongoing developments.