Farrah Abraham Continues to Offend Females — Actually, Everyone — Everywhere

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Farrah Gets Ditched
Abraham's beau backs out of 'Couples Therapy'.
Former Teen Mom and now regretful porn actress Farrah Abrahamis continuing her unofficial campaign to basically piss off the world, throwing some mad — and slightly homophobic — shade during a Twitter rant Thursday night.

While live-tweeting during an episode of Couples Therapy, the Backdoor Teen Mom star blasted her housemates for being “liers” [sic] and “losers” before dropping this cringe-worthy doozy on everyone:

Really, Farrah? If one is attempting to make passive aggressive comments about one’s housemate, one really shouldn’t interchange “some people” with “some lesbians” so casually before complaining about their “ignorance.”

Would someone ever say, “That straight Farrah Abraham really boils my blood?” No.

But given the fact that that Farrah previously demonstrated to us her lack of knowledge on feminists lesbians, I’ll give her a freebie on this one.