From High End to Low End: Get Kim Kardashian’s Look for Less

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There were a lot of mixed emotions aboutKim Kardashian’s sexy jumpsuit she wore during Paris Fashion Week this week, but I honestly loved it.  I think it’s a sexy style and she looked great… With the exception of showing off her bra. That was just weird.

Anyway, bra aside, the outfit was spot-on and a great look to rock this season (if you’re not currently experiencing the polar vortex).  I could see myself rocking this on a girls’ night out or to a fancy dinner with my boyfriend.  What I canNOT see: the heavy price tag.  The necklace alone is half my salary and the shoes could be three car payments.  I reached out to Stephane Rolland about the price of the jumpsuit, but they told me that was “confidential” information, meaning it’s probably more money than we can even dream of.

So for those of us living paycheck to paycheck, I found a much less expensive outfit that’s quite similar to Kim K’s.  Check it out:

Where to buy:

The grand total (jacket included) comes out to $350, which is about 2% of the total cost of Kim’s outfit so I’d say that’s a WIN!

What do you think of this look? Yay or Nay?  Also, make sure to check out how to get other looks for less here and here!

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